Eliminating Doubts the Other Side

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This download moves you deep into your subconscious mind to remove any doubts worries or fears you may have about connecting with The Other Side, replaces them with positive statements and strengthens your abilities. This is good for anyone-at any level. This is different than the eliminating doubts ~ telling the future.
Read more about black boards here.

~I remade this download 5 times (literally). I've listened to it a ridiculous amount of times and each time I do, I hear something else else odd or funky. Sometimes the static is terrible and other times it's lightly fuzzy. There are a few spots that I can hear something glitchy. It may bother you, it may not. If you wondered if those on The Other Side can interfere with electronics~here is your proof. lol ugg
(They're curious. If you listen very closely you can 'hear' the energies get closer and then move away.)

* Warning this is not a perfect download (and there are no refunds) so, ask yourself if it is to your Highest good to get it.

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