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Into the Pot it Goes! Getting back the Money that you're Owed!
If you have people that owe you money (for whatever reason, at whatever time) ~this is for you. You can use this for any amount from any time. As long as you're owed, it will work. If you have guilt or worry, you can work it out during this session. 

It works for all types of debt [to you]. You'll get rid of all the stress and havoc of collecting money (and reminding and remembering) and just simply get your money back. You'll remember why you did what you did in the first place, stop taking anything/everything personally and focus on the amount that's owed to you. You clean it up so that you can it back. And, you'll do it all within this download.

Do the workbook entries before you listen to this and have a list of everyone that you'll be collecting from.

Happy Magnetizing!

*Sale Price due to 'interference' in the recording.* There's a few glitchy 'beeps' ~ You actually may not even notice them. If you'll fixate on this, do not buy this download. If you're easy going about it, Have fun and enjoy this at a super low price! ;)


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