And The Waves Will Wash It All Away
This lovely guided meditation takes you deep inside of yourself to remove and release everything that's holding you back. The soothing sounds in the background relax your body as you get lost in your visions.
Becoming A Dreamer
This is a wonderful download if you have ever wanted to 'be a dreamer'. You'll take out any doubts that you may have, change the pattern of not dreaming, eliminate any negative expectations and start dreaming about anything~or everything!
Bringing Back What's Been Lost
Bringing Back What's Been Lost can be used for anything and everything. Literally. If it was yours ~ you can get it back. The sky (and your mind) is the limit.
Bringing the Magick Back
Finding That Feeling... Was there a time that you remember feeling better? Or more alive? Do you miss who you used to be or how you used to feel? Bring the magick back. This is your life. Transform it into what you want it to be.
Clean Slate
Into the Pot it Goes! Getting back the Money that you're Owed! If you have people that owe you money, this is for you! You can use this for any amount from any time. As long as you're owed, it will work. Happy Magnetizing!
$29.95 $3.95
I'm Lucky! Positive Affirmations
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
Lucky Friday the 13th
Happy Friday the 13th! This download helps you go into the depths of your mind, change any unlucky things in there and makes every Friday the 13th your very lucky day. Enjoy!
$20.95 $0.00
Money Transformation
Change your bills to checks. your withdraws to deposits and your debt to cash and credit. This download helps you reverse the flow of money going out (from you and your bank account/wallet) INTO your life. It's simple ~ What goes out, more must come in...
Quick Spurt of Luck
Quick Spurt of Luck does just that. You'll reverse any bad luck you have had and create a windfall. You'll be shocked to see what this download brings into your life. * Quick Spurt of Luck changes any unlucky patterns in your life.
Stop Fearing Your Future & Start Creating It!
This guided meditation and reprogramming set helps you to release any worries and fears about your future so that you can create what you want. You are magical. You are powerful. You can do anything you set your mind to. Happy Manifesting!
[Getting Unstuck and] Walking Away
If there's a situation in your life that you need some distance from or just simply, need to walk away, this is a perfect session for you. You can use it with people, places, situations or even your thoughts! If you've had trouble letting go of someone...
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