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Please enjoy this complimentary audio description of our downloads and [this] download shop.
*❥* What is a Download? *❥*
This just a short and sweet explanation of hypnosis, how to use all of the downloads, and a couple pictures of me so you know who you're listening to. ;) Enjoy!
Available Now!
Unlimited Streaming for our DIY Downloads and Guided Meditations Join one of our Monthly Clubs. There's a free 24 hour trial for our Hypnosis and Meditation of the Month Clubs. And the Just for Kids Club has a 3 day trial period. Enjoy!
Changes Made Easy Announcemens
This newsletter is written and published around the beginning of every month. Sign-up if you prefer to get an email to going to a blog or an archive page for the latest specials, news and announcements.
Classes, Seminars & Lectures
If you're interested in guided meditation, using your Spiritual Light and figuring out why things are happening the way they are,you'll love our Classes, Seminars and Lectures. We're continually adding new classes and content. Join us today!
eCourses & Training
If you like manifesting, positive thinking and being, Spiritual and psychic stuff, you'll love all of the eCourses we offer. You'll get a brief audio description when you check-out this product. All of these classes are complete unto themselves. Enjoy!
Living Lightly Newsletter
The Newsletter Living Lightly is designed to do just that… to remind us to live in a Light state of mind; to enjoy our lives and take things lightly. It's made to brighten your day~to prompt those enlightened moments. *Add to Cart at Checkout
Psychic Diary Entries
Join us for intuition and self-help exercises, psychic ability training and mini-manifesting classes. You'll find excerpts from the diary entries [themselves] along with all types of journaling and goal setting tips and hints.
[Mental] Telepathy
Every summer we offer a free Psychic eCourse. The 7 week Mind to Mind Communication comes with three downloads, a variety of affirmations and diary sets and lots of homework. Join us today!
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