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*❥* What is a Download? *❥*
This just a short and sweet explanation of hypnosis, how to use all of the downloads, and a couple pictures of me so you know who you're listening to. ;) Enjoy!
Affirmation eBooks & Videos
We have a plethora of complimentary affirmation eBooks that complement and accompany all of the downloads. The videos are for your convenience to pick your affirmation for the day/evening. Enjoy!
Affirmation Images for Connecting with your Pets
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
Affirmation Images for Contacting The Other Side
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
And The Waves Will Wash It All Away
This lovely guided meditation takes you deep inside of yourself to remove and release everything that's holding you back. The soothing sounds in the background relax your body as you get lost in your visions.
Animal Communication
This Meditation download is to help you communicate with animals. You'll be able to communicate with the animals around you, Nature and your pets. This download makes it simple and easy. All you have to do - is listen to your download.
Astrology 13 Word Search Puzzles & Keys
This is the same eBook found in the kindle store. (ASIN: B00F8FPKNE) The difference? This one, you can download and print it! Enjoy!
Available Now!
Unlimited Streaming for our DIY Downloads and Guided Meditations Join one of our Monthly Clubs. There's a free 24 hour trial for our Hypnosis and Meditation of the Month Clubs. And the Just for Kids Club has a 3 day trial period. Enjoy!
Becoming A Dreamer
This is a wonderful download if you have ever wanted to 'be a dreamer'. You'll take out any doubts that you may have, change the pattern of not dreaming, eliminate any negative expectations and start dreaming about anything~or everything!
Believing In Impossible Things
This download puts you to sleep using your imaging center. You'll go through anything and everything that you want. You'll go where ever you can dream up. This is wonderful for anyone who wants to fall asleep drifting away into their imagination.
Bending Time
Journey into the Halls of Time to Bend Time to your will. This is for one specific situation, person, thing, etc.You'll get rid of your blocks, worries and fears and transform time into what you want it to be.
Bringing Back What's Been Lost
Bringing Back What's Been Lost can be used for anything and everything. Literally. If it was yours ~ you can get it back. The sky (and your mind) is the limit.
Bringing the Magick Back
Finding That Feeling... Was there a time that you remember feeling better? Or more alive? Do you miss who you used to be or how you used to feel? Bring the magick back. This is your life. Transform it into what you want it to be.
Bringing your Baby Home
This download helps you connect with your missing pet. You'll communicate with them mind to mind, help them get home and get your questions answered. <3 Sending you Light in this trying time. Appx 20 min
Changes Made Easy 32 Word Search Puzzles & Keys
This is the same eBook found in the kindle store. (ASIN: B00EDYLJ90) The difference? This one you can download and print it! Enjoy!
Changes Made Easy Announcemens
This newsletter is written and published around the beginning of every month. Sign-up if you prefer to get an email to going to a blog or an archive page for the latest specials, news and announcements.
Channeled Spirit Guide Meditation
What a wonderful way to get in touch with those other realms and all of the beings that are guiding you? It's channeled from your Spirit Guides so that you get the information and encouragement that you need.
Chinese Astrology ~ Animals of the Zodiac
This is the same eBook found in the kindle store. (ASIN: B00F8FYY4U) The difference? This one can be downloaded and you can print it! Enjoy!
Chinese Zodiac Pages
This is a super fun way to get to know the zodiac!
Classes, Seminars & Lectures
If you're interested in guided meditation, using your Spiritual Light and figuring out why things are happening the way they are,you'll love our Classes, Seminars and Lectures. We're continually adding new classes and content. Join us today!
Clean Slate
Into the Pot it Goes! Getting back the Money that you're Owed! If you have people that owe you money, this is for you! You can use this for any amount from any time. As long as you're owed, it will work. Happy Magnetizing!
$29.95 $3.95
Clear Your Energy!
This short session tunes you into your Higher Self and helps you raise your vibration. If you're sensitive to to things (seen & unseen) this may be just what you need to stay calm, comfortable, and focused in every situation.
$9.95 $0.00
Coaching Forms
These are all of the forms and instructions you'll need if you sign up for one or more of our coaching programs. Enjoy!
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