Creating a Bridge to The Other Side
You'll create a Bridge to The Other Side ~ this will be from where you meet and connect with anyone you want to contact. ~ If you do not have a very specific way [of already] chatting with those on The Other Side...Get this download.
Creative Project Funding
This spell is specific for getting the money/funding that you need for your project. That's what this spell is good for~Money. Use this when your project is ready for funding or when you need money to keep [it] going. Happy Creating!
Developing your Psychic Abilities
Would you like to increase your psychic abilities and make them part of your everyday life? This hypnosis download helps you to develop your psychic abilities - safely.
Download Coaching & Help
Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance. Everything in here works... The key is to figure out what you need. You'll get your questions answered and get a list of what to listen to to keep you on track with all of your goals.
Dreams & Dreaming Reprogramming Set
If you want to reprogram yourself~these will do it! They're short, simple, and to the point. You'll erase your negative programming and imprint positives to replace them. Listen to these sessions as needed. Enjoy!
eCourses & Training
If you like manifesting, positive thinking and being, Spiritual and psychic stuff, you'll love all of the eCourses we offer. You'll get a brief audio description when you check-out this product. All of these classes are complete unto themselves. Enjoy!
Eliminating Doubts Telling the Future
This download moves you deep into your subconscious mind to remove any doubts worries or fears you may have about 'seeing' the future, replaces them with positive statements and increases your divining abilities. This is good for anyone-at any level.
Eliminating Doubts the Other Side
This download moves you deep into your subconscious mind to remove any doubts worries or fears you may have about connecting with The Other Side, replaces them with positive statements and strengthens your abilities.
Event Transformation
This is great for any special occasion that you'd like to look, feel or act a certain way at that event. You can change your body shape and size, your appearance with this. This works for everything that you're thinking and feeling, too. So Fun!
Fire Spell
Use this only when you are ready to completely get rid of or let go of something. You can use this for feelings, people, patterns~ it's powerful and permanent. (This is long appx 45 min)
Follow the Light
Move into the World of Knowledge and get all the information you need. This is made to be listened to for one person, place, thing or healing at a time. Have a clear question and desired outcome in mind before you start. Approximately 40 minutes.
Happy Birthday Set
This set has everything that you need to make this birthday your very best birthday! It comes with three downloads to help you focus on what you want, get excited and prepare for the best day and night that you've ever had. Enjoy!
$62.85 $0.00
Happy Chinese New Year!
Have a Happy Chinese New Year! This session helps you make this year wonderful! Click on the cover... it's a wonderful description of what you'll be listening to! Happy Spring Festival!
$20.95 $0.00
Happy Leap Year
Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to leap into the future, see what's coming and choose what you want to 'keep' and what you want to change? Well, You're in luck! That's what this download does. You'll pop in four years from now and see your future.
Help from Spirit
Sometimes we need a little bit of help. This download tunes you back in-to Spirit and focuses your mind (and life) on accepting help from the Universe. You'll sooth any angst and fill yourself with the trust that you desire. Plus, there's time for you...
How Lucky Am I?
This short and sweet session covers one situation/question. Have your question clear in your mind. You'll get the answer and advice on the next steps and actions to take. This is fabulous. You can use it for everything! Happy Channeling!
Hundreds of Butterflies
You'll journey to where your creativity meets your destiny, tap into that power and send it out to the world.
I Don't Know What To Do!
We all need a bit of guidance sometimes. This download leads into that part of you that can get you the answers that you seek and the help that you need. It's on sale because we all need a little help sometimes. :)
$15.95 $10.95
I'm Lucky! Positive Affirmations
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
Idea Fruition
This spell helps you bring your ideas into fruition. It has everything you need to get where you want to be. This is great for any stage of your creative process. You'll magnetize what you need to get this project where you want it to be. Have fun!
Improving your Medium Abilities
This download increases your abilities to connect with The Other Side, channel clearly, get messages (and understand them), protect yourself and tune you into your Higher Self. This is a great download for the novice and the professional alike.
Journals & Workbooks
We have a plethora of journals, workbooks, eBooks & manuals that complement and accompany all of the downloads.
Key to Happiness
This is a fabulous guided meditation that will help you find your key to happiness. You know what you need and how to get it. This download tunes you into that part of you that can help you get there.
Leap Ahead One Year
This is such a great session. You'll see what's coming in a year (1,3,6 & 9 months, too) and be able to plan and change anything that you need to. This is great way to make sure you're heading down the paths that are leading to the future that you want.
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