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The Newsletter Living Lightly is designed to do just that… to remind us to live in a Light state of mind; to enjoy our lives and take things lightly. It's made to brighten your day~to prompt those enlightened moments. *Add to Cart at Checkout
Lucky Friday the 13th
Happy Friday the 13th! This download helps you go into the depths of your mind, change any unlucky things in there and makes every Friday the 13th your very lucky day. Enjoy!
$20.95 $0.00
Lucky Pennies!
So Fun! We've all heard the phrase, "Find a penny and pick it up. All day long, you'll have good luck! " This session takes that luck to another level! This is a great programming session to increase your luck with some wonderful guided imagery tossed in.
Magick Book
Write it down and make it happen... Use this download for one goal at at time. Be very thoughtful ~ whatever you put into this book comes into fruition.
Magick Book Inserts
Do you already have the download and just need the complementary eBooks? No problem :) Happy Manifesting!
Magick Book Manifesting Set
This set is everything you need to journal your way to creating the life you have always wanted. Happy Manifesting!
Maze of Money
You'll exercise your creative visualization skills getting through this maze to get to your own pot of gold (or whatever type of money [stuff] you'd like to picture at the end). Relax, lie back and let the visions flow! Enjoy!
Memory Games & Psychic Exercises
This is a great way to practice your psychic senses. This class is great for the novice or seasoned psychic reader. Download the sample to get an idea of what the cards that you'll be using look like.
Money Transformation
Change your bills to checks. your withdraws to deposits and your debt to cash and credit. This download helps you reverse the flow of money going out (from you and your bank account/wallet) INTO your life. It's simple ~ What goes out, more must come in...
Money: The Last Piece of the Puzzle
This is wonderful. If you've been working on anything and the missing piece of your creation is money... this download is for you! Plus, there's a bit of digital interference (Woo-Hoo that means it's on super sale!) and is a fantastic price. Enjoy!
$15.95 $3.95
Numerology 12 Word Search Puzzles & Keys
This is the same eBook found in the kindle store. (ASIN: B00F8FYWRE) The difference? This one can download and print it! Enjoy!
Oh So Lucky
Sleep hypnosis works like magick... you go to bed listening to it and voila! the next thing you know everything you and touch seem to have a bit of luck sparkling all around it. Happy Sleeping! And, Luck Bringing! ;)
One Day Can Change Everything
Life is magical and amazing. The key is to remember it and to expect the unexpected miracle in everything that you do. Happy Magic Making.
$20.95 $13.95
Pay Attention to Magical Things
Start paying attention to all of the magical things in your life. This download helps you tune-into the magical things that are happening in your life. There's magick everywhere. This session helps you find it, see it and increase it. Enjoy!
$20.95 $3.95
Positive Affirmation Images for Professional Mediums
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
Positive Affirmation Images for Professional Psychics
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
Positive Affirmations and Diary Set Instructions
This 28 page eBook walks you through how to best use your all of your positive affirmations and your diary pages. Happy Thinking!
Positive Affirmations and Diary Set Positive Programming
This complimentary audio session accompanies [reinforces and helps you with] your affirmation and diary entries and exercises. Only download and listen to this if you're using the affirmation diary sets. Enjoy!
Powerful Divination Affirmation Images
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere!
Psychic Diary Entries
Join us for intuition and self-help exercises, psychic ability training and mini-manifesting classes. You'll find excerpts from the diary entries [themselves] along with all types of journaling and goal setting tips and hints.
Psychic Set Up
This download sets you up for any psychic work you're doing. You may use it alone or with anything else that you're doing. It's super short (8 min) so that you can fit it in any time that you need it.
Putting My Career Together
This is a great guided meditation anytime you have a question about anything (really, anything) that has to do with your career (or work life). Enjoy!
Quick Spurt of Luck
Quick Spurt of Luck does just that. You'll reverse any bad luck you have had and create a windfall. You'll be shocked to see what this download brings into your life. * Quick Spurt of Luck changes any unlucky patterns in your life.
Revealing the Truth
Revealing the Truth helps you 'see through' any person and/or situation. You'll clear out the clutter in your mind from past hurts and lies that you have been told, get your questions answered and receive guidance on what to do with the information.
Sacred Woods
Travel deep into the Sacred Woods and tune into Nature and all of her plants, herbs, grasses and trees, feel their vibration and communicate with them easily. Approximately 40 minutes
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