Channeled Spirit Guide Meditation
What a wonderful way to get in touch with those other realms and all of the beings that are guiding you? It's channeled from your Spirit Guides so that you get the information and encouragement that you need.
Follow the Light
Move into the World of Knowledge and get all the information you need. This is made to be listened to for one person, place, thing or healing at a time. Have a clear question and desired outcome in mind before you start. Approximately 40 minutes.
Help from Spirit
Sometimes we need a little bit of help. This download tunes you back in-to Spirit and focuses your mind (and life) on accepting help from the Universe. You'll sooth any angst and fill yourself with the trust that you desire. Plus, there's time for you...
Numerology 12 Word Search Puzzles & Keys
This is the same eBook found in the kindle store. (ASIN: B00F8FYWRE) The difference? This one can download and print it! Enjoy!
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