Channeled Spirit Guide Meditation

Download, Dropbox®

What a wonderful way to get in touch with those other realms and all of the beings that are guiding you? You'll get 30 minute chat session and an audio recording made specifically for you. You pick the sounds in the background and what you want to do. And from there... the rest of it is channeled from your Spirit Guides so that you get the information and encouragement that you need.
What's the great thing about this? You to get the guidance that you need everyday from your Spirit Guide. It's a Channeled Guided Meditation. (Ha! How Cool is that?!) Now, can you use any guided meditation? Oh, sure. But how much more would you get out of one made specifically for you? And, Channeled, at that?! Super Fantastic. Plus, you can use it [literally] for the rest of your life.

You get all the paperwork and instructions when you check-out this product. Have Fun! Get Excited! Start thinking of what youwant to know and where you want to go. Happy Connecting!

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