Bending Time
Journey into the Halls of Time to Bend Time to your will. This is for one specific situation, person, thing, etc.You'll get rid of your blocks, worries and fears and transform time into what you want it to be.
Creative Project Funding
This spell is specific for getting the money/funding that you need for your project. That's what this spell is good for~Money. Use this when your project is ready for funding or when you need money to keep [it] going. Happy Creating!
Event Transformation
This is great for any special occasion that you'd like to look, feel or act a certain way at that event. You can change your body shape and size, your appearance with this. This works for everything that you're thinking and feeling, too. So Fun!
Hundreds of Butterflies
You'll journey to where your creativity meets your destiny, tap into that power and send it out to the world.
Idea Fruition
This spell helps you bring your ideas into fruition. It has everything you need to get where you want to be. This is great for any stage of your creative process. You'll magnetize what you need to get this project where you want it to be. Have fun!
Magick Book
Write it down and make it happen... Use this download for one goal at at time. Be very thoughtful ~ whatever you put into this book comes into fruition.
Magick Book Manifesting Set
This set is everything you need to journal your way to creating the life you have always wanted. Happy Manifesting!
Revealing the Truth
Revealing the Truth helps you 'see through' any person and/or situation. You'll clear out the clutter in your mind from past hurts and lies that you have been told, get your questions answered and receive guidance on what to do with the information.
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